Set your own rules.

The problem with people, is that they take some people and put them on a pedestal. They fail to realise, that the people who they think are (were) great or have (had) built something great are (were) normal people like them who just persevered hard enough. I personally dislike it when people either compare me to someone or compare Orobind to something else. I hate it, in fact. Hate is a strong word but in this case it conveys my emotion.

As someone who was born in a rich family and watched it all go away when my father’s business was failing, I lived a childhood which was a mix of riches in the beginnings and full of compromises later on. But what it taught me was if you want something take it, go get it. People won’t give it, you have to take it. Snatch it. Claw it from them, be nice but be persistent until you get it. This stayed with me throughout and in fact got really really strong when in ’08-’09 I was struggling and living virtually on 50 rs a day that too which my friends transferred into my account every two days. What it also taught me was that people are the same everywhere. They have similar ambitions, similar insecurities and similar wiring. And since I never had anything to lose, I never got to a point where I had to put someone on a pedestal – that he is so good because he did XYZ or he built ABC or is CEO at some corporation. It is immaterial to me. What matter’s is – either I respect the person or not. If I do he/she is great else a moron and thus not worth the time and needs to be avoided. Anyhow, so this attitude helps in filtering out all the feedback that I get. The kind of feedback which points to some person and asks me to emulate. Or points me to do it because that’s how it has been done before. Or follow guidelines saying – that’s how it is done. Says who? Who made those rules. Those rules were made by people like me and you. Those rules are meant to be broken and we have the opportunity to create new rules, new guidelines for our lives and our enterprises. Yes, that’s risky. Failure is highly possible. But of all outcomes, success is also a possible outcome. And you get to set your own way of doing things. Which by the way, will then be emulated by people like these and used as an example for others. Be original and set your own rules.


The year that went by

2014 was one of the most happening years of my life. Personally and professionally as well. As I look back, I realised that out of all goals that I had set for myself for 2014, I was able to accomplish only one ( to get a six pack). Rest all had become meaningless considering the turns that life had taken. Almost a 180 degrees flip. So as we get into this new year I am not even bothered to think what I should be doing this year or what should I strive to achieve. The broader goal to create impactful product and impactful company is what I am going for and will keep going for, apart from that will just strive to go with the flow. As far as Orobind is concerned, this year is going to be super critical – the goal that I have there (apart from the financials and number targets) is to survive. Survive this year to thrive next year.

Long time & no blog

Alright, I finally mustered all my energy, dumped the inertia and decided to write a post. Realized on my linkedin page, that it has been over 280 days since I wrote my last blog post, thats an awful lot of time. A lot has changed in my life, personally, professionally and physically ( lost a couple of Kgs, of fat, finally). So now I have decided to blog a lot more frequently and share my learnings here. Well that’s it for today (this is a fresh start, remember) :).