Of believers & non believers.

When you are starting up, you don’t need the whole world to stand by the boundary to cheer for you – if that happens consider that you have already missed the bus because now everyone understands the industry and its dynamics. The chances of creating a market and creating maximum impact is thus limited.

On the contrary you need only a handful of people who truly believe in the team and the problem being solved. When you meet such people keep them close, either as customers, investors, cofounders or employees and say no to all others.

We in our brief journey at Orobind, have said ‘no’ so many times to people (potential investors, employees etc) who were non believers. I also take the onus of not being able to sell the vision to them but I am not here to turn a non believer into a believer (not yet, not at this early stage), either you believe in us or you don’t. And if you don’t believe in us, thats just fine because we would just love to prove you wrong.