A big milestone

Chai Point team achieved a big big milestone today. We opened 2 stores on the same day, one at Bhikaji Cama place in Delhi and one at the Bangalore International Airport. After spending endless hours in bringing the two stores up, it was such a relief seeing our customers happy and satisfied. Obviously there was a lot of room for improvement, which we definitely noted, but today for me it was more about the moment when you just decide to isolate yourself and let the moment soak in, a moment of graduating from one level to another. I am sure the whole team feels the same. Here’s a toast to the feat achieved & those yet to be achieved. 


Long time & no blog

Alright, I finally mustered all my energy, dumped the inertia and decided to write a post. Realized on my linkedin page, that it has been over 280 days since I wrote my last blog post, thats an awful lot of time. A lot has changed in my life, personally, professionally and physically ( lost a couple of Kgs, of fat, finally). So now I have decided to blog a lot more frequently and share my learnings here. Well that’s it for today (this is a fresh start, remember) :).