It is 6 in the morning, its my birthday and I am unable to sleep. Ok, I will admit that I am a little drunk (nothing new, I know), that gives me a little leeway to be a little bit melodramatic. Ohh, just noticed, too many “little”s already. Anyway, had been dwelling on the drift of life recently, too much Mad Men, Jack Daniels and Cohibas are to be blamed along with my incorrigible nature of always thinking and over analyzing stuff.

“Being practical” has never been my forte and frankly I don’t regret that, frankly I never regret anything. If I have made this far with being impractical, survived for 26 years, had great friends and even greater memories and experiences, I am sure, I can make it through the rest of my life as well. In fact my advise to all you guys (not many girls read my blog, unfortunately..sigh..) trying to be practical out there, DON’T BE. Be foolish and fail, if you have to, just live the life doing what you enjoy the most.

Obviously, that is not a very intelligent piece of advise,considering all the pressures to make it in the ‘real world’,credit card bills, EMIs, mortgages, I know; didn’t I mention I was drunk. But do you really want to be remembered just as a guy who survived in this world, cleared all his bills on time, sent money back home,blah blah, is that what life is all about. If it is then why is it that when you see a colleague of yours starting a rock band, or becoming a comedian, you immediately like his Facebook page and say silently to yourself “sahi hai yar”. And frankly if you don’t, just don’t bother reading ahead. See you later.

I am not advocating to shy away from your responsibilities, all I am trying to say is, if you do what you want to do and would love to do, there are still ways by which you can survive, be happy and enjoy the ride. Trust me, the best memories you will ever have will be from your worst times. I remember only two birthdays in my life, one in 2009, where I was homeless and penniless, spent the night with my luggage in a Mumbai local, before I called my brother to get a shelter in IITB. And the second one, in 2010, when I was working on the rig floor, no longer penniless, but still away from my loved ones, doing what I enjoyed, but not loved to do. Both were equally bad, though I prefer the 2009 one as it sounds more dramatic, classic hindi movie types…arrghh, alcohol!!!

In the end, it all boils down to the choices that you make, or the ones that you don’t. What ever you do, don’t try to fool the guy in the mirror, some how he always knows the difference. As it was said in Kung Fu Panda 2, it’s not what you are, it’s what you choose to be. So quit what you hate, start doing what you love and go after your dreams, before they come after you.

Here’s one more to my 26th and the life ahead.


4 thoughts on “Choices…

  1. Two things which stand out in what has been mentioned above are the fact that perhaps our best memories are our worst. While for most, there is no dream at all, for all that they have been told ever since they became adept at using their brains was that they have to get a good job and the blah, there is another category of people who have a vision of what they want to do in life.

    Obvious as it may be, these keep changing with time and experience, but the notion that remains constant is having a vision, and the courage to take it forward. Maybe courage is what makes the difference between a dream and a vision, and perhaps will continue to do so.

    In the story which starts with a struggle, it is a virtue of have patience, and undergo the tough times to come out chiseled and shining. Coincidentally, a few hours prior to reading what you wrote, I happened to read the following two lines (original source unknown):

    आस कह रही श्वास से , धीरज करना सीख ,
    बिन मांगे मोती मिले, मांगे मिले ना भीख

    While there can be no denying what has been said in the couplet, it becomes imperative to note that this works only when there is a vision, a focus or a goal that needs to be achieved:

    धीरज रखना सीखिए, न छोडिये देखन ख्वाब
    न मालूम क्या को देखिये, देखे समझिये खाख?

    Given the fact that I am not yet drunk, this may not be as melodramatic as your what you have written (;-) ), but nevertheless, let me end by reiterating what I once mentioned to you:

    Dreams are labeled as dreams till someone converts them into reality, which is when the world terms them as vision. For the erstwhile dreamer, however, it always was a vision in the first place!

  2. It always boils down to what choices YOU make, but there are a lot of factors involved in this which don’t make your ‘romantic’ choices a piece of cake.

    I sure am a kid in front of you (and not drunk too!), so maybe wrong while while saying this!

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