The right thing to do..

Well, any one who knows me or have just read my previous entries would be knowing that these days I am working with Schlumberger, in Saudi Arabia. The job is great as one thing that I knew about myself for sure was that a regular office desk job will never be my cup of tea.

But for an entrepreneur a job is a JOB, no matter how exciting or thrilling it might be. Same is the case with me, but then at times I wonder, then why do I get up in the morning and head to work in obscure locations with the same enthusiasm or stay up for almost 48 hours when the job demands. I guess the reason could be that the stint with SLB is making me more sincere and dedicated towards work. I mean there are always things that you like to do but some times you have to do things that you don’t like that much but still you have to do them as thats the right thing to do. Before SLB, I never did anything which I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to study the boring and extinct theories of metal extraction, so I didn’t. Though many argued against it, but thats the way I was. But now there are no more such choices, I just have to do it, no matter how much I crib or whine but the job needs to be done. And thats making me happier because I think that was one quality that I needed to learn to move ahead. So when I head to work I don’t think “Why I have to do it” I think ” I just have to do it.”


5 thoughts on “The right thing to do..

  1. Its good to see your reactions undergoing a emphatic change. I think you are amongst the few who has highlighted the good points of schlumburger’s job. Each day is making you a better person and preparing u for something big !

  2. Man… U make me feel like writing my own blog much more regularly.!!

    See, in this quest of freedom vs reality; Have to vs Ought to; I have learned one thing. There are two things. One is interest and other is need. For being economically independent and being able to think about Ought To thing (and perhaps making it a reality some day), you have do stick with SLB. But this should not come in your way of pursuing your interests. So its basically all about to not to let go any of them and balance your lifestyle accordingly. May be we should keep the interest and need in separate baskets. Things become easier that way. Then once you reach the stage where you can abandon one of them, do it!!! Till then hang on. And don’t mess up your mind.

    Life is all about perseveration you know. 🙂

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