The Road Ahead

It has been over a month and I have been procrastinating to prepare this list. So finally while on my way to Saudi, I just jotted down the “Super 7” items, at the back of a tissue.

This year 2010 will be an year of : –

  • Financial consolidation
  • Better personal relationship
  • Extensive hardwork
  • Bolder risks
  • Better health
  • Traveling
  • Excellence
  • I hope I will be able to make them as a benchmark and strive to make this year more meaningful for me and my family.


    2009 at a glance

    It was very hard for me to remember each and every thing that happened last year so I am just jotting down here a few thoughts that come to my mind when I think of the months, of the previous year..


  • Recovering from the shock
  • February

  • Upasana’s marriage
  • Waiting for SLB
  • March

  • Going to Mumbai
  • Scopial and meeting with Rohit Kaushik
  • April

  • Bollywood
  • Struggle
  • May

  • Full fledged struggle
  • Living the dream
  • Sleepless nights
  • Financial crisis
  • June

  • Worst birthday ever
  • LG Assignment
  • Living the dream
  • Homeless
  • July

  • Quit
  • Joining delayed
  • Unemployment
  • Lots of doubts in my mind
  • August

  • Brothers birthdays
  • Joining SLB
  • September

  • Great days at OFS
  • Transformation
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