The year that went by….

It has been an year exactly, since I graduated, left home and landed at the Bangalore Junction. The period wasnt rosey at all but I am not writing this post to let the world know what I endured, because for that I was prepared when I set out on this path.

In this post I am just listing all the events that happened in the previous year, which moved me, changed me and taught me. Whenever I am alone and close my eyes these events flash in front of my eyes, some make me laugh and some moisten my eyes.

  • Leaving home after having an argument with father, convincing the ticket checker and traveling without a berth for almost 3 hours – I was confused whether the journey will be worth it or not, it always is very confusing but one has to take the plunge and have faith that things will turn out well.
  • Working at CommonFLoor and learnings from it, interacting with Hims and Shayak da and learning from them – Two inspiring,motivated and fun loving start ups running in front of me egged me to start my own.
  • Rejecting Schlum’s offer – felt like a free man and was very very happy.
  • Starting dietz – was ready to take the rocky road. Another decision which wasnt supported by my family. Just trusted my conviction.
  • Sharing room with Bishnoi – we never used to like each other in college, but when I dropped my inhibitions I started liking him and we became very good friends. Dont judge a book by its cover.
  • Tough times – Times were tough but I had my friends supporting me always. Tough times are actually the biggest test of friendship and I am glad that I had it so early in my life and all my friends passed with flying colours, god bless them.
  • Learning about mother’s disease – All of a sudden my yielding started and confidence broke. It was always my struggle not my family’s.
  • My first order and delivery – Woke up at 6 in the morning and prepared the sandwiches, only to hit an old man enroute. Never break traffic rules, always wear a helmet and if you hit someone – RUN.
  • The Accident – I still remember the look on the man’s face, that smirk, when our eyes met for a fraction of second, before he came running in front of my bike and I said to myself ” Ye bhagne kyu lag gaya” and the next thing I realised, we both were on ground, the bike was still on, I could have ran away but I didnt and I was caught. I could have dealt with the situation better if I had maintained my composure and presence of mind. Even when things are totally against you and you are breaking just hold on, you will get your time to shed tears, but first get yourself out of the mess.
  • End of dietz – read somewhere quitting is leading too. Dont agree totally but makes me feel better.
  • Passing away of my cousin on his birthday – One day I want to forget and delete from my life. I still curse myself for not calling him up and wishing him, delaying it and eventually SMSing him only to learn that it never reached him. Never hold back your feelings and expressions for some one, it might be too late when you express.
  • Broil at my Convocation – It was one of the most embarassing experience of my life. It taught me that one should never think too high of his strength, there is always someone stronger than you and in larger numbers than you.
  • Accepting Schlum’s offer again – Family comes first.
  • Taking a job in Mumbai – Always wanted to experience living in Mumbai, what better opportunity than recession.
  • Theater workshop – Not joining the dramatics club of IITR was a wrong decision I made, what better time to rectify it. As they say “der aaye par durust aaye.
  • Jobless-ness – Dont want to take up a regular job right now. Its better to break the conventions at times, though it means giving up things that you love the most and at times your food too.
  • So this is it. I have tried my best to not to get in to the details and narrate the incidents. I have also refrained myself from over emphasisings on the learnings as I dont want it to be a sermon or as they say here in Mumbai ‘ bol bachan ‘.


    Back after a long hiatus

    I havent been blogging for a while, mainly because of the unavailability of the internet (since I am no longer working) and I am too lazy to draft a blog on my laptop and then upload it from a cyber cafe. But now I have regular internet access, at least for the time being (I am still not working, it is the hostel of IIT B).

    I am experiencing life and seeing different facets of it. One year has passed since I graduated and it has been one long and testing year for me. Times were tough, professionally and personally. It was on the 16th of June that I landed in Bangalore. I am currently jotting down the events that happened between 16th June’08 to 16th June’09, these events changed me as a person, and I feel they changed me for good.

    On 16th of June’09 I will be posting the list of events and my learnings from it on my blog. It might not be in sync with my entrepreneurial writings but is surely very important to me.