Do you have it in you!!!

You feel that you have a great idea, a large pool of funds to take you forward and a good network of people to rely on. But what about you, the captain of the ship? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Here is a quick evaluation test. Just follow the link and take the test and get a detailed analysis of your entrepreneurial abilities and get to know yourself better.

It is a behavioral analysis and a test of your entrepreneurial potential by Mr.Bill Wagner. He has been the forefront of entrepreneurial practice and research. He himself is the Co-founder and CEO of Accord Management Systems, Inc.; a firm dedicated to helping executives make logical conclusions about themselves and the people within their organizations. He works closely with entrepreneurship focussed organisations like TEC or The Executive Committee, the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization (YEO), The International Franchise Association (IFA) etc.

I thank Mr. Amit Singh of kickstart,for sharing this valuable link on the friends of kick network.

I scored 76.

How much did you score
1) Above 90
2) 80-89
3) 70-79
4) 60-69
5) Below 60

View Results


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