So Far!!!!

The idea has evolved from what it started with just high protein diet to gym going junta to a complete health solution. I have already made pitches to two companies, one has turned me down and with the other, talks are going on. Somewhere down the line I lost my focus and didnt pitch to any of the health clubs, I forgot that that’s where my primary audience lies. But finally sanity prevailed and I did pitch one of the biggest health chains of India and I am in the final stages of talks with them now. I have discussed the idea with lot many people and due to the feed backs I have improved on the idea. That’s why I feel that one should talk to as many people about the idea as one could. You never know what can be good for you. The more conservative you are about your idea the slower growth it will experience. The journey so far has been a roller coaster ride. The highs are very high and the lows are very low. At times I even get bogged down (though rarely, but yes, after all I am also a human) by the pessimistic response of prospective clients or even an arbitrary person for that matter but I have always been a self motivator so at these times I just take a 10 minute break, close my eyes and vow to myself that I won’t break and will find my way, come what may. I have been very lucky to have great people around me, they always have trust on me. I never thank them but I always thank god for giving me such good friends. That is why I have never felt the need of a co-founder, whenever I feel that something is going beyond my scope I know whom to fall upon.

The lessons so far : –

  • Talk to people about your idea
  • Cut the jargon, roll up your sleeves and work
  • No matter what find a way through the odds
  • Listen!!! Listen and listen some more, but be intelligent enough to weed the relevant stuff from the crap
  • Have friends, ask for their suggestions and be true to them!!!

“Dare !! Dream!! Risk!! Fall !! Fail !! But don’t let any one tell you that your dreams can’t be true!!! At the end of the day some one is going to do it then why not you!!! ”    –  Robin Sharma