The Denial : Finally!!!

So, after informing Aarti, Sachin, Chirayu and my family I made it a point to inform all those people who have ever affected me be it as a friend or as a critic. Though I forgot some people whom I should have informed, I am sorry for that, but you know how absent minded I can be at times.

The purpose was to keep people close to me in the loop while taking such a big decision. I also wanted to make it a point to myself that now there was no looking back.  It was out in the open so everyone knew and most of them would come to know sooner or latrer so turning back as an option was deleted. I also included my critics or whom I have considered a critic of mine in the mail because it motivates me and pushes me the extra mile to prove them wrong.

So here is what was there in the mail. It is followed by the email that I sent to HR of Schlum.

If you are receiving this mail then you have been an important part of my life be it as a friend,foe,family or a critic.
I have denied the offer of Schlumberger.
I have always evangelised that a person should listen to his heart, by taking this big decision I have just done that. I feel that it was one of the toughest decision of my life. One such decision I took when I decided to drop an year for IIT prep and that led me to the 4 most fabulous years of my life.In college I lived my life to the fullest, learnt a lot from people around me. As my days at IIT were about to be over, numerous questions regarding my life started popping up in my heart.

I had a good job, great people around me, my future was set, to say the least. But when I started delving into it I started to unravel a lot of things. I knew that I would never be happy if I didnt follow my heart. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, my 3 ventures which I started or tried to start in college, flopped, because I wasnt good enough. But I learnt so many important lessons, through them. Infact to be very frank, I had thought that if I didnt get a job in Schlum then I would not take any job and start my own venture. But that was very easy. God gave me a tougher decision to make, I got through Schlum; but for joining I had to sacrifice my passion. I feel that it was a true test. I thought about it a lot, before making the right decision to take the harder path. Easier path would have given me a good life in the short run but in the long run I would have been just an ordinary man leading an ordinary life in this big world without making any difference, on the other hand the harder path will have a lot of hurdles initially but if I am able to pull it off then I will raise my standards and make a difference in this world in whatever small way I can.

I am sacrificing my one passion to achieve the other,when I saw the Christ reedemer statue of Rio it was like a dream come true for me, I had already planned my shopping from my first salary like a macbook air, iphone, diesel and armani jeans, sony camcorder the list was endless. Now I know that I wont be able to any of those but I guess that is life and that is what a true test much can I sacrifice to realise my dreams.

Whether the decision is right or wrong I dont know. Time will tell, atleast I would be proud of myself that I had the audacity to follow my heart when the stakes were so high.

I am working as an intern in a start up and conceptualizing my own start up simultaneously, which will be in the health and fitness domain. Providing people the right kind of diet so that people can live healthy lives. The plan is in very nascent stages.
I am on a journey to discover my self and I know that I might end up losing it all, but I know I wont be defeated.

I am venturing on this path alone I hope that I would still be able to prove my critics wrong and make people I love smile and people who trust me proud.My parents dont know that I have mailed Schlum that I wont be joining them, I dont want them to know till I make it work. I know I am being a little selfish by thinking about my life.

I know that all types of questions and suggestions might be popping in your head. I respect them and I hope that you would respect mine. I welcome your suggestions and criticism.
I am also forwarding you the mail, I sent to schlum.

Best of luck !!!!
Stay in Touch!!

Dear Charmaine,
I have always believed that a person should do what really makes him happy and what his heart says him to do. I am also doing the same thing. I thank Schlumberger for making such a generous offer to me, but I would not be able to join as I have to satiate my entrepreneurial instincts.
I hope you understand and will respect my decision
Best of luck

Satya Vyas
IIT Roorkee


3 thoughts on “The Denial : Finally!!!

  1. Hey Satya …

    I read thorough your blog.. dunno y but really felt so satiated reading about your venture and the events around..

    Wishing you success in your venture…

    Rohit Kashyap
    (from DOMS@IITR)

  2. Hey Satya!

    Please don’t feel offended by this comment.

    Now that you have joined Schlumberger again, don’t you think this post of yours have no relevance anymore.

    Shouldn’t you edit this post and write UPDATE: I HAVE JOINED SCLUMBURGER.

    I think it would be wise and honest on your part to realize and accept publically that you just got swayed with the buzzword, “Entrepreneur”

    Rohan Aggarwal.

  3. Hi,

    In response to the comment that you have made, if you just have done your homework you wouldnt have been naive enough. So when you go through my blog and with that I mean complete blog posts you will realise that I have mentioned it more than once. And as far as the relevance is considered it depends who is reading it.

    For me it is and will always be relevant because I learned a lot was on the path of following my dreams. For a person who wants to be an entrepreneur but lacks the motivation to do so because of the fat pay checks, it will be relevant and for the person who has just graduated from college it will be relevant because rejecting the best paying job of IITs or if I may say so, the best job of the country at the graduate level, is not an easy thing to do after all. Everything that I went through then and now is on the blog, read it and you will find it.

    I dont know in what category you fall but I have no intentions of updating it or making any changes come what may. But thanks anyways because I see the positive side of it that even after so many months people go to the first blog and post comments. Also I believe life is always changing, while blogs are not. If I write something today and the next day it changes I will not go on correcting it instead I take it as a transition in the phase of my being and will refer to the blog to reflect the state of mind and the situation I was in.

    And as far as being swayed is concerned, so many entrepreneurs have started their ventures and failed, it doesnt make them any less than who made it. Vinod Khosla of Sun Microsystem started a soy milk plant but when that idea didnt work then he went to do his MS, does it make him any better or worse.

    So my suggestion for you is that if you want to be an entrepreneur which your linked in profile shows it is better that you learn being a little more articulate and do your homework first. It doesnt do me anything but surely hampers your integrity.

    Anyways I thank you for taking out the time to post on my blog, soon I will be blogging about it.

    Take care


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