How the journey Started

I still remember the day when I decided to be an entrepreneur, it was a panel discussion organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT Roorkee. I got so motivated that I instantly SMSed my friends that I would be an entrepreneur. I tried 3 ventures while a student but all of them failed because I wasn’t good enough at some front or the other. But I learnt a lot. I even managed to bag the fattest pay package that an IITian can ever get, on the first day of the placements itself and that too in an unbelievable manner. I was on my way because my name wasn’t announced in the list of selected people, and I guessed the reason would have been my poor academic record and just when I was trying to figure out my life ahead, I got a call from Aarti and I ran the whole way back and then  I was told about the mistake. I was still in a shock. Congrats and best wishes followed, though some people were pissed and some stunned (again because of my low GPA 6. sth), but I always knew that I could do it. The months to follow were full of praises. I slowly and steadily started digressing from my aim of being an entrepreneur.

Amidst all the nostalgia, college days were finally over. I was in the real world. All kinds of thoughts started sprouting in my mind, which can really be dangerous for a youngster. I started thinking about my life, my future and about my purpose in life. In college one is a king of his own world, same was with me. I had my identity and of which I was and is proud of, but what next. But out in the real world there were so many like me, was I also supposed to lead such a life where I would die without making any impact on this world? My heart used to tell me that I should quit Schlum and start dietz, my venture. But in the morning my mind used to remind me of the risks that it entailed. In the end I gave up and thought of not thinking about it and landed here in Bangalore.

But those thoughts were still in my head and puzzling me day and night. I also mailed Schlum to pre pone my date of joining so that I don’t think about it much. But they never bothered to reply. I always have believed that everything happens for a reason and thus started to delve in to it all over again. “Why did I get Schlum and that too in the most unconventional way?” It was sure that if I hadn’t been selected for Schlum I would have gone ahead with my idea but that would have been too easy, so god gave me a difficult choice to make, either I take the easy path and get happy in the shorter run or I take the chance and take the harder path and I might just end up living my dream.

When this dawned on me I made the decision. I informed Aarti first, and then Chirayu and Sachin and then everyone close to me came to know. They knew me well and understood my decision. I was overwhelmed by the wishes that I received. The toughest part was to sell the idea to my parents, mummy started crying and papa thought I was getting into a lowly business of foods and beverages. But after a lot of convincing I was able to buy some time for myself. Then I had to convey it to the start up I was involved with at Bangalore. They thought that I should continue with them, but I thought otherwise. A job is a job after all. I then conveyed my decision to them.

On 16th of July I started working on my venture officially. It has been a roller coaster ride since then. I hope that I learn a lot along the way.


4 thoughts on “How the journey Started

  1. Good start…well wat were those three failed ventures dude??
    n best wishes for ahead…let the world know power of self belief…

  2. another…….

    alchemist……in making…….

    guys lets watch the ultimate novel……come to reality…..
    coz heres a guy…who has left in the search of his destiny…….his treasure……….

    best wishes…..

  3. Your enthusiasm is commendable. But a tip for you to have your reader coming back for more, keep your posts more concise , to the point and a bit less rhetorical if possible ! 🙂

    Good luck with your venture. I know of somebody who is also starting out in this space. I shall get him to contact you .Your energy and his maturity (read as experience) should work well for both of you.

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